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A wind turbine will bring many advantages including reducing your electricity bills, reducing your carbon footprint and impact on the environment and benefiting from government incentives called Feed in Tariffs. You can also profit from exporting any electricity you do not use back into the national grid.
A Feed in Tariff is a 20 year government backed contract that guarantees to pay for electricity generated by wind turbines or other renewable energy systems. The payments are also linked to inflation and are increased annually every April.
Universal Renewables can perform detailed analysis from wind speed databases along with turbulence calculations that take into account the general surroundings such as trees, buildings and nearby hills which will all have an effect on the speed and quality of the wind.
Siting the turbine is key to its performance. We recommend that the turbine is at least 50m? away from the nearest obstructions such as buildings and trees. The footprint of the turbine is comparatively small but for some turbines, space is required for raising and lowering the tower to allow for maintenance and servicing.
This will vary according to which turbine is most suitable and they all come with a range of tower height options ranging from 15 to 49 metres. The higher the turbine, the greater the wind speed and electricity produced, therefore increasing the income generated.
Universal Renewables will liaise with your regional electricity supplier to arrange connection to the grid.  Any turbine that is below 30kW, the tariff provider will normally pay for 50% of the generation as an export payment
Research has shown that bird strikes by moving blades do happen but is extremely rare, as long as the turbine is sited away from migration paths and nesting sites. The RSPB actively supports and promotes the use of wind power.
This will depend on the turbine chosen.  Costs range from a total installed cost of £25K for a 5kW turbine up to £1.2million for a 500kW turbine.  If you do not have the capital required Universal Renewables can recommend finance providers and suggest other options.
All turbines have a lifetime of 25+ years as long as they are serviced and maintained. The turbines all come with a 5 year warranty on the condition that they are serviced in line with the manufacturers’ requirements.  Universal Renewables will organise this for you.
Planning Permission is required for wind turbines. Universal Renewables have extensive experience in this area and will submit the application and manage the process on your behalf to ensure the best chance of success.
What are the next steps?
If you are interested in taking your interest to the next stage, Universal Renewables can visit your site and perform a free site assessment.  From that we will then produce a Free Desktop Report which will contain:
•    Wind speed and site analysis
•    Planning summary
•    Turbine recommendation
•    Financial analysis including annual return
•    Full quotation
Please contact us for further information on how Universal Renewables can help you start profit from wind energy.
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