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Land leasing is an option for landowners who would like to earn an attractive revenue from a relatively small plot of land (typically around 8m2) for the next 20 years, without the financial investment or costs of owning your own wind turbine.

We are actively seeking sites to install small-medium scale wind turbines.

Our wind turbine developments require nominal land use so you can continue to use your land for its current use. We will only require access for maintenance work.

Do you have a site that meets our criteria?

Please see our general criteria for guidance to allow for initial scoping

Turbine Type500kw wind turbine70kw – 250kw wind turbine
Minimum distance from properties or garden areas500m330m
Maximum distance to 3 phase 11kVA supply2000m1000m
Minimum distance from hedgerows60m60m
Minimum wind speed7.0 m/s @ 30m6.5m/s @ 24m

You must be the landowner.
Lease your site for 20 years and you could earn from £5,000 to £45,000 per year.
Site must not be in a conservation area, world heritage site or AONB.

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How we can help

  • Free site surveys
  • Feasibility reports
  • Consultation
  • Planning
  • Grid connection advice
  • Visual impact assessments
  • Installation
  • Financing
  • Land lease options
  • Service and Maintenance Packages