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gaia-logoGaia 11kw wind turbine.

Key Design Features

Oversized rotor – our small wind turbine’s oversized rotor allows it to capture significantly more energy than similarly rated machines. Greater renewable energy production increases return on investment, generating better value for you

Triple safety system – with three levels of braking mechanisms the Gaia-Wind small wind turbine is one of the safest small wind turbines manufactured.  The comprehensive safety system protects the turbine by automatically ‘parking’ the turbine when wind speeds reach 56mph or above ensuring the blade never overspeeds.

Modular components – we use high quality off-the-shelf (rather than bespoke) components so customers are always assured of the long-term availability of spare parts. As the blade truns steadily, wear-and-tear is reduced, diminishing service and repair costs over time.

gaia-wind-photo01Noise output – our turbine is designed to rotate at a steady, constant speed which ensures that it runs quietly.

Aesthetics – to us ‘environment’ means more than just clean renewable energy. The aesthetically pleasing design of our small wind turbine with its reflection-free light grey blades match the sky and the clouds allowing it to stand comfortably and blend into the surrounding countryside.



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