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The Process

The process below describes the main stages of obtaining your wind turbine

Site Visit

We will visit your site to look at the turbine location and discuss access arrangements with you (we may also have been to site before and during the planning stage).


We will provide you with a fixed price installation quotation. The majority of our installations are turn-key, however in some specific circumstances there may be elements of the installation process we would be happy for you to carry out.

Planning Permission

Place Order

Organise Grid Connection

Before or during the planning process you should have received a connection offer from your District Network Operator. This is normally valid for 90 days and a revised quotation is sometimes needed. You will need to sign the DNO contract and pay them directly for the grid connection upgrade.

Organise Metering & Import/Export Supplier

Wind turbine installers are not a licensed metering or energy supplier. You will therefore need to make contact with a metering provider and energy supplier. We will provide you with details of appropriate companies for this. The installation of the meter will need to tie up with the grid connection date. For small turbines, like the Gaia 11kw, this stage is not normally required as slightly different rules apply to turbines under 50kW.

Proposed Installation Date

Once a date is known for the completion of the grid connection and installation of your import/export meter we can propose an installation date for your turbine. In an ideal situation the commissioning of the turbine will happen as soon as possible after the new supply is live.

Ground Works

We carry out the installation of turbine foundations, including trenching and laying of cables.

Turbine Installation

After a minimum of 3 weeks we return to install the turbine. We carry out all mechanical and electrical connections, including the provision of cranes and machinery to move components and erect the turbine.

Commissioning & Handover

We will commission your turbine. Once successfully commissioned we will talk you through the various elements of your turbine including safety and operating information. A customer handover pack is provided for each of our installations. The WES, Gaia & Windflow turbines have a standard remote access package (optional upgrade) to allow you to see the performance of your turbine over the internet. We may need to return to finalise the remote access system and to provide you with your log-in details.

MCS & ROO-FIT Registration

For turbines under 50kW we will provide an MCS certificate to allow for registration on the Feed in Tariff Scheme. Installations over 50kW will require self-registration on the Ofgem website. We can help you through this process.

Feed in Tariff Registration

Once you have your MCS or ROO-FIT accreditation certificate (normally within a couple of days of commissioning) your FIT application forms can be completed and returned to your chosen energy supplier.  We help our customers complete this form.


We return in 6 / 12 months time (possibly sooner in very windy sites) to service your turbine.  If anything goes wrong, or you have any issues regarding the operation of your turbine, we are only a phone call or email away.

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How we can help

  • Free site surveys
  • Feasibility reports
  • Consultation
  • Planning
  • Grid connection advice
  • Visual impact assessments
  • Installation
  • Financing
  • Land lease options
  • Service and Maintenance Packages