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Here’s How it Works

Once we have chosen an appropriate location and our team of specialist planners have acquired planning permission, your site is ready to be installed and commissioned by our team of engineers who are;

  • Manufacturer trained
  • MCS certified
  • HEIGHTEC – Working at Heights & Rescue
  • Fully Insured – Contractors All Risk and Marine Transport
  • Health & Safety conscious


photo08Our engineers will install your base steel work and concrete these in for the tower base and controller base. An excavator will be required for approximately one day. From your turbine to the meter point, trenching and cable will also be laid ready for our electrical engineer to prepare and we can normally route the cables to follow existing field boundaries and where the land is cultivated the trench will be dug to a minimum of 1 meter deep.

(You may wish to carry out some of the ground works yourself provided you can do so to our specifications. This can save on costs and can be excluded from our quotations). Once your concrete base is set (this takes 30 days) our electrical engineer will prepare your electrical installation and complete the earth grounding requirements for the turbine tower and controller.


For access to the turbines, we may require stone roads that are 5m (about 16 feet) wide. Like the cables, we can normally route the roads to follow existing tracks or field boundaries. Once built, the roads must remain in place for access to carry out maintenance or repairs and are available for farm use.

Turbine Installation and Commissioning

The installation team will erect the turbine with a crane and commission the machine.
Our Electrical Engineer and a Factory Engineer will commission your turbine and run extensive tests to ensure all systems are working correctly.


A small GRP kiosk may be required to house a meeting point for the cables and switch gear and your turbine control cabinet.

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Our Services include

  • Free site surveys
  • Feasibility reports
  • Consultation
  • Planning
  • Grid connection advice
  • Visual impact assessments
  • Installation
  • Financing
  • Land lease options
  • Service and Maintenance Packages